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Sunni Endowments announces mosques for Eid Al Adha prayer

Sunni Endowments announces mosques for Eid Al Adha prayer

Manama, Eid Al-Adha prayers will be held at 5:05 A.M on the first day of Eid, the Sunni Endowments Directorate has announced.

A committee, formed by Dr. Shaikh Rashid bin Mohammed Al Hajri, Sunni Endowments Council’s Chairman, was assigned with determining allocated mosques and prayer sites and ensuring their readiness. Prayer sites have also been dedicated for non-Arabic speaking communities at schools in all governorates.

The mosques and prayer sites for Eid prayer are as follows:

1. East Hidd (Julai’a neighbourhood)- Bu Shaheen nighbourhood mosque and Mahra bint Abdulla bin Abdulrahman Fakhro mosque and Al Nour (Al Kooheji) Mosque will be closed.

2. Hidd, (Block 111)- Nearby mosques will not be closed.

3. Muharraq (Near Muharraq Cemetery)- The following mosques (Hamad bin Kanoo, Al-Ghawi, Mariam bin Jassim Kanoo in Busaiteen, Khalifa Al Fadhel, Dhabia bin Rashid in Busaiteen and Ibrahim bin Mohammed Al Mahmeed mosque in Dohat Arad) will be closed.

4. Al Sayyah, Busaiteen- Umahaat Al Moameneen mosque
will be closed.

5. Arad (Arad Fort square)- Nearby mosques will not be closed.

6. Diyar Al-Muharraq (south of Al-Baraha Marquet)- Al-Baraha Market Mosque will be closed.

7. Salmaniya- Nearby mosques will not be closed.

8. Isa Town (Traditional Market)- The following mosques (Sabeeka Al-Nusuf, Al-Radwan and Abi Bin Kaab) will be closed.

9. Al Riffa Al Shamali (Estiqlal Walkway)- Abu Al Fateh mosque will be closed.

10. East Riffa (Near Riffa Fort)- The following mosques (Al-Qala, Shaikha Lulwa bint Fares Al Khalifa, Shaikh Salman, and Abdulla bin Ahmed bin Khalifa Al Ghatam in East Riffa) will be closed.

11. Al Hajiyat (Block 939)- Shaikh Abdulla bin Mohammed bin Abdulwahab Al Khalifa Mosque will be closed.

12. Hoorat Sanad-The following mosques (Khalid ibn Al Waleed Cabin and Fatima bint Ali Cabin) will be closed.

13. Askar (Heritage Village)- Nearby mosques will not be closed.

14. Zallaq (Zallaq Youth Centre)-Nearby mosques will not be closed..

15. Hamad Town (Area opposite Hamad Kanoo Health Centr
e- Roundabout 17. The following mosques (Musaab bin Omair, Isa Mohammed Ali and Muawiya ibn Abi Sufyan) will be closed.

16. Hamad Town Youth Centre (Roundabout 2)-The following mosques (Hamad Town, Ramla bin Abi Sufyan and Umm Salama) will be closed.

17. Budaiya- Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Al-Moosa Mosque will be closed.

18. Salman City (Block 581-Road 8101)- The following mosques (Muhammad Bahloul and his wife Fatima Al-Khaja, Cabin mosques 1 and 3) will be closed.

19. New Al-Ramli Housing area- Nearby mosques will not be closed.

Source: Bahrain News Agency