Tehran Warns Foreign Forces In The Gulf

BAGHDAD, Iranian Navy Commander Hossein Khanzadi called on foreign forces in the Gulf to leave the area urgently, before being subjected to “humiliating expulsion” from there.

“The enemies of the region, America, Britain and Israel, must know that the Islamic Resistance Front is in the process of being formed and that the era of looting the region’s wealth is over,” Khanzadi said in a speech on Wednesday evening at the international diving competitions held on the southern Iranian island of Kish. .

He added: “The era of enemy parades in the waters of the Gulf and the Sea of Oman has passed, and looters have to leave the region quickly or they will have to leave” humiliated.

In turn, Hossein Dehghan, adviser to Iran’s supreme leader for defense affairs, said that the Americans in the region have shifted from the state of attack and order to the defense of their military bases.

On the nuclear deal, Dehghan said: “It is over for Iran and Tehran will not follow it anymore.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency