Tender for the 3rd and 4th Lane on A’Rusail-Nizwa Road is Floated

Muscat, The Tender Board announced that it has floated a tender for the 3rd and 4th lane of A’Rusayl � Nizwa dual carriageway project from Muscat Expressway Junction to Bidbid-Sur Junction, first part.

The project aims at enhancing the dual carriageway to have four lanes at each direction. It also aims at introducing some engineering improvements, rehabilitating the current layers and expanding the existing bridges, culverts, entry and exit points. It also aims at expanding the junctions of Al Mawaleh, Fanja, Bidbid and Al Jafnain bridge. The project includes adding new junctures for Al Ansab, Saih Al Ahmer and the construction of a new bridge for Wadi Daboun, as well as the expansion of pedestrian tunnels.

The 35 km long road consists of two parts, the first from Muscat Expressway junction to Bidbid junction. The second part will be from Burj Al Sahwa roundabout till Muscat Expressway Junction.

The project includes the construction of 4 lanes at each direction (19.5-meter-wide) and a median strip (4.5 meter wide).

Source: Oman News Agency