“The Dove of Qastal” is the new poetry collection by the poet Mohammed Shraim.

Bethlehem – Ma’an – On Thursday, 6/27/2024, the “Kul Shi Library” in Haifa – Publishers, published the new poetry collection by the Palestinian poet Muhammad Shraim, entitled “The Dove of Qastal.”

The new poetry collection, which is one hundred and seventy pages long, includes forty-eight poetic texts, distributed between classical and free verse, including a number of narrative texts and others with educational content that can be used as purposeful hymns. All texts are accompanied by footnotes and explanations by the poet Shraim himself.

The contents of the texts also vary, some of which relate to national concerns, others revolve around the general national sense, and some have a religious or humanitarian character.

The book cover was designed by Charbel Elias.

It is worth noting that the “Hamamat Al-Qastal” collection is the sixth poetry book published by the poet Shraim, after his fifth collection “Lover of Jerusalem” was published by the Palestinian Ministry of Culture in 2022 as part of the publica
tions related to the celebration of Bethlehem as the Capital of Arab Culture. The poet also published many texts participating in a number of poetry and literary publications that saw the light in a number of Arab and foreign countries.

Source: Maan News Agency