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The government is activating an emergency plan to deal with the financial crisis, and salary disbursement is linked to clearing

The government is activating an emergency plan to deal with the financial crisis, and salary disbursement is linked to clearing

Ramallah – Ma’an – The government said that the Ministry of Finance, a few days ago, completed the calculation of the disbursement of employees’ salaries, and all available funds were prepared to disburse the highest possible percentage of the salary, but Israel’s detention of the April clearing transfer until now has hindered the disbursement process.

The government confirmed that the Ministry of Finance is ready to pay employees’ salaries as soon as the clearing funds arrive.

She explained that the Ministry of Finance worked to calculate the salaries of employees for the month of March using a new formula that takes into account the payment of a full salary to those whose salaries are 3,000 shekels or less, and they constitute about 40% of the employees, so 11% of the employees will receive a 90-99% salary, and 16% of the employees will receive a salary. The salary range ranges between 80-89%, while 15% of employees will receive a salary of 70-79%, and finally, 19% of employees will receive 60-69% of the
salary, with an emphasis that these percentages take into account the disbursement of the maximum salary. For lower paid employees.

The government warned of the danger of Israel continuing to withhold clearing funds and the resulting inability of the government to fulfill its obligations in disbursing employee salaries and allocations to various sectors of health, education, social care and relief.

She stressed that the financial crisis that the Palestinian Authority is going through is primarily a political crisis, and its goal is to punish our people and pressure the leadership to stop paying the salaries of our people, including doctors, teachers, and various categories of employees in the Gaza Strip, in addition to the families of prisoners and martyrs, hospital allocations of medicines and other medical supplies, and allocations. Low-income families.

She pointed out that since last October, Israel began deducting the Palestinian Authority’s allocations to the Gaza Strip from the clearance funds, and t
he funds deducted and withheld in Norway alone amounted to about 423 million dollars as of the end of last April.

With Israel doubling its illegal deductions from our funds, the government said that the clearing has lost about 60% of its usual value. However, the occupation government refuses to transfer the remainder of the clearing funds after the deductions, bringing the total of our funds withheld to more than 6 billion shekels.

In the face of this escalating crisis, the government affirmed that the leadership and government will continue to cooperate with friendly and partner countries in mobilizing international pressure to push Israel to stop its war on our people, especially in the Gaza Strip, and to push it to release our withheld funds.

In addition, the government indicated that it will continue to implement financial austerity plans, administrative and institutional reform, and act as a contingency plan to manage the available funds to meet the priorities of our people and our emergency needs.

The government called on our people and our various national institutions to come together and show solidarity to overcome this crisis, and affirmed that it is dealing with this dangerous situation with all responsibility and patriotism, while being committed to the rights of our people and keeping them informed of everything new with transparency and responsibility.

Source: Maan News Agency