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The leadership of the Hebron region and the Plastic Industries Union inspect the Al-Harbawi mattress factory

The leadership of the Hebron region and the Plastic Industries Union inspect the Al-Harbawi mattress factory

Hebron – Together – The Commander of the Hebron region, Brigadier General Hazem Abu Hanoud, and officers from the region’s command, accompanied by the Chairman of the Plastic Industries Union, Kamel Al-Zeer Al-Husseini, and the economic advisor, Ahmed Hassouna, visited the headquarters of the Al-Harbawi Company for the manufacture of mattresses and sponges, where they were received by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Nassar Al-Harbawi, and the Director Sales at the company Abdul Hafez Al-Harbawi.

After the welcome, Al-Harbawi thanked the leadership of the Hebron region for this visit, as well as the Plastic Industries Union and Counselor Hassouna for arranging and organizing this important visit, providing a detailed explanation about Al-Harbawi mattresses, noting that it began production about 45 years ago, and today it has more than 1,000 employees that produce mattresses. With international specifications and quality, he stressed that his company produces sanitary mattresses using the latest techno
logy, and the production is supervised by a technical team specialized in manufacturing ready-made mattresses.

He said that his company, over the past decades, has been able to develop and grow to make its products comparable to international products, and his company produces ready-made mattresses from A to Z in the factory’s two branches in the Hebron and Nablus governorates, in addition to the furniture factory, and the company’s showrooms spread throughout the Palestinian governorates.

Al-Harbawi spoke about the impact of the war on the Gaza Strip, noting that the factory operates with a production capacity ranging between 60-55% of its production only, and stressed that his company pays special attention to its workers and employees sector despite the difficult circumstances.

Al-Husseini expressed his pride in this company, noting that it is one of the largest companies in the country. He thanked the leadership of the Hebron region for this important visit, which confirms the extent of the security es
tablishment and the Palestinian leadership’s keenness to communicate with economic sectors of all kinds. He spoke briefly about the problems facing them. The national industry, praising the efforts made by manufacturers to overcome crises and problems, and stressing the importance of the government’s communication with the private sector to overcome the obstacles they face.

For his part, Counselor Hassouna praised the national industry and the great development achieved by the Harbawi mattress group, which pays attention to the smallest details in its manufacture to preserve the health and safety of consumers.

He explained that the company has worked over the past decades to develop its industry and its special interest in its products, and this is what prompted it to bring production lines that are unparalleled in the region, and make it sit on the throne of the largest producer of ready-made mattresses in the region with international specifications and quality.

The commander of the Hebron region express
ed his happiness with this visit to this giant factory, which constitutes an essential source of the national economy, and said: ‘What we saw in the Al-Harbawi mattress group was heartwarming. We saw a sophisticated and constantly evolving industry, and behind it stand strong, strong men who look to the future with bright eyes.’ Despite the difficulties and obstacles that stand in their way and confront their progress, and their provision of high-quality health products, thanks to the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Sales Director for the warm reception they received, and we wish them further progress and prosperity.’

The Hebron region leadership delegation and the accompanying delegation toured the factory’s departments and production lines, and listened to a detailed explanation about the production mechanisms and Harbawi mattresses’ concern for quality and health.

Source: Maan News Agency