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The Minister of Agriculture meets with farmers and local authorities and inspects a number of projects in Jenin

The Minister of Agriculture meets with farmers and local authorities and inspects a number of projects in Jenin

Jenin Together – In the context of enhancing communication and communication and intensifying field visits and meetings with the local community, the Minister of Agriculture, Professor Rizq Salimiyeh, began his visit today to Jenin Governorate by meeting with the employees of the Jenin Governorate Agriculture Directorate and the Jenin Veterinary Department. His Excellency listened to the directorate’s achievements and work obstacles, thanking the agricultural and veterinary crews for their efforts. Ability to serve farmers.

In a professional gesture, Minister Salimiyeh accompanied all the general directors of the agricultural directorates from all governorates to learn about the reality of agriculture in Jenin Governorate and the achievements achieved and to exchange ideas between the governorates and transfer experiences and success stories. Intensive discussions and deliberations were held aimed at developing work and developing methodologies to improve performance and provide better services.

Then Minist
er Salimiyeh went to meet with the Governor of Jenin, A. Kamal Abu Al-Rub at the Governorate House, to discuss issues of common interest.

The Ministry of Agriculture had invited all local bodies and a number of civil society institutions and cooperative societies to meet at the governorate house in the presence of the minister, the governor and the accompanying delegation to discuss the governorate’s needs in the agricultural sector.

In his speech to the audience, His Excellency Salimiya stressed the importance of his visit to Jenin Governorate, as it is his first visit to the governorates since assuming his duties as Minister of Agriculture, and the importance of the governorate and its status as an agricultural governorate and as a food basket.

And to discuss the needs of the agricultural sector, which has been damaged due to the difficult and complex circumstances that the country is witnessing, including the war of genocide in Gaza, the financial blockade, and the occupation’s continued starvation of o
ur people, stressing that our struggle with the occupation is a struggle to survive on the land, pointing to the vision of the Ministry of Agriculture that is consistent with the government’s directions and

In partnership with civil society institutions, he focused on encouraging strategic crops, mainly field crops, that would enhance food security, focusing on the Palestinian rural areas, the wall areas, and the border areas.

Salimiyeh referred to the Emergency Response Fund initiative launched by the Ministry of Agriculture to provide and store needs so that it becomes a reserve available to the Ministry to be used during emergencies and to compensate affected farmers.

For his part, Governor Abu Al-Rub touched on the agricultural reality in the governorate and its need for more attention and support to develop infrastructure, improve services and develop the water sector and natural resources in general.

Salimiyeh and Abu Al-Rub listened to the interventions of local bodies, which focused on the obstacl
es to agricultural development and the need to formulate a comprehensive plan that strengthens the steadfastness of farmers and provides the necessary support to them. Minister Salimiyeh promised the audience that the ministry will give more attention to the governorate and that it will spare no effort in providing what is necessary as much as possible through The Ministry and its partners.

Salimiyeh concluded his visit to the governorate by reviewing a number of projects implemented through the Ministry in the towns of Araba and Yabad, which included a huge water pond containing 85 thousand cubic meters of water, solar energy, and transmission lines. Agricultural roads and reclaimed lands were also visited.

Source: Maan News Agency