The occupation army launches a new operation in central Gaza

Tel Aviv – Ma’an – The Israeli army announced on Monday that it had launched a new operation in central Gaza.

The occupation army claimed that they had intelligence indicating the presence of “infrastructure, activists, weapons, interrogation and detention rooms” in the area, including the headquarters of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA).

The Israeli army said it launched the operation in coordination with the Shin Bet and that soldiers operated in the area “to repel the resistance and destroy the tunnel located under the UNRWA headquarters.”

“Hamas and Islamic Jihad continue to operate systematically and carry out activities from within civilian infrastructure,” the Israeli military said.

This comes after the Israeli army issued new evacuation orders on Sunday for parts of eastern Gaza, warning residents to “evacuate immediately.”

Yesterday, the Israeli army notified the residents and displaced persons in the areas of Al-Tuffah, the Old City, and Al-Daraj in Bloc
ks 604-606, 608, and 609 to leave their places.

Israel has made numerous allegations against UNRWA including that its employees are members of Hamas, which an independent review later found to be allegations for which Israel provided no evidence to support.

Source: Maan News Agency