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The occupation seizes tens of dunams of Al-Ta’amra lands east of Bethlehem (documents)

The occupation seizes tens of dunams of Al-Ta’amra lands east of Bethlehem (documents)

Bethlehem – Ma’an – Today, Monday, the occupation authorities seized 170 dunums of citizens’ land in the Arab Al-Ta’amra area, east of Bethlehem, under the pretext that it is state land.

The director of the Office of the Wall and Settlement Resistance Commission in Bethlehem, Younis Arar, indicated that this seizure is the third seizure under the same pretexts since the beginning of this year/2024, bringing the total number of lands seized by the occupation to a total of 11 thousand dunums of citizens’ lands in the governorates of Jerusalem. Nablus and Bethlehem.

Arar added that the military order related to seizing the land in Al-Ta’amra indicates that it is located in Natural Basin No. 4 for the Al-Uqban and Al-Furaidis areas, and Natural Basin No. 11 for the Fadel plot in the Al-Ta’amra lands, and the spatial data associated with the order allocated to this announcement indicates that its goal is to conduct operations. Expansion of the ‘Sidi Bar’ colony established on citizens’ lands in Al-Oqban, the tow
n of Al-Taamra in the governorate.

The so-called Civil Administration of the occupation said that declaring state lands on the site of the Herodion Garden will enhance the planning and development of the site’s facilities, will make it a tourist center and will allow the area to be developed by the Civil Administration and the Nature and Parks Authority for years to come.

Source: Maan News Agency