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The Presidential Committee for Civil Peace meets with the management of the Palestinian Businessmen Forum

The Presidential Committee for Civil Peace meets with the management of the Palestinian Businessmen Forum

Chairman of the Presidential Committee for Civil Peace, leader of the Fatah movement, Lafi Ghaith, and members of the committee, former minister Dr. Anwar Abu Aisha, economic advisor Ahmed Hassouna, and journalist Muhammad Al-Aweiwi, held a meeting with the head of the Palestinian Businessmen Forum, Engineer Ahmed Al-Qawasmi, in the presence of council members Ayman Nairoukh and Mahmoud. Al-Ashhab, Bilal Sinokrot, and the forum director, Saad Jaradat.

During the meeting, the general conditions and effects of the Israeli war on Gaza and its impact on the business environment in the West Bank were reviewed.

At the beginning of the meeting, Ghaith praised the pioneering role played by the Palestinian Businessmen Forum in all sectors, stressing that the complementarity between the various sectors and the focus on quality will contribute effectively to the process of exporting national products abroad, and this will strengthen the national economy.

He stressed the importance of the role played by the Palestinia
n security forces in maintaining order and called for more work to be done to achieve the aspirations of the Palestinian people, drawing attention to the fact that the rotation of the economic wheel is one of its pillars, spreading security and safety.

Counselor Hassouna spoke about industrial zones, the importance of their existence, and the urgent need for them, noting that the efforts made by previous governments did not bear fruit, and stressing the importance of the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs implementing the requests of the private sector, especially on the issue of commercial attachés in our embassies around the world and their role. The hope is to open new markets for our national products, which enjoy international quality.

For his part, Dr. Abu Aisha spoke about some laws that encourage and regulate investment, stressing that many laws need to be amended in order to be compatible with the Palestinian situation, calling for the existence of legal community initiatives that demand the P
alestinian legislator to amend the laws.

After Al-Qawasmi welcomed the attendees, he pointed out that the members of the Palestinian Businessmen Forum constitute the largest economic force in the Hebron and Bethlehem governorates, and their number is about 250 members. He said that Hebron Governorate contributes about 43% of the national gross product, and more than 45,000 male and female workers work in the private sector in the governorate.

At the event, Al-Qawasmi elaborated on the difficulties facing the economy in Palestine, including the lack of specialized industrial zones, in addition to the obstacles placed by institutions, whether governmental or local bodies, in front of economic institutions and companies. He stressed that businessmen, despite the great difficulties they face, are continuing. In their work, everyone has their place and specialty.

During the meeting, many issues were discussed that contribute to improving the investment environment and the national economy, in addition to the go
vernment’s debts to the private sector, the accumulation of which poses a threat to the continued work of many sectors, including private hospitals, in addition to talking about land settlement, and calling on the Land Settlement Authority to find new legal mechanisms that contribute to the settlement of lands. Accelerating the settlement process, including considering objections, in addition to talking about the Landlords and Tenants Law, amending the law and alternative energy systems because they do not meet the needs of the citizen and the investor, and talking about topics that contribute to strengthening civil peace

Source: Maan News Agency