The Sultanate Concludes its Participation in Arab Media Forum in Kuwait

Kuwait City, The Sultanate, represented by the Ministry of Information, today concluded its participation in the Arab Media Forum as the guest of honor of the 16th session in Kuwait. Dr Abdul Munim bin Mansour al- Hasani, Minister of information Headed the Sultanate’s delegation to the forum.

Dr. Mohammed bin Mubarak al- Araimi, Director General and Editor-in-Chief of Oman News Agency, Chairman of Omani Journalists Association, Qatari writer Dr. Abdul-Hameed al-Ansari, Dr. Ihsan al-Shummari, Head of the Centre for Political Thought in Iraq, and Tunisian Media professional Ziad Krishan spoke on ” The Future of Media and the Media of Future”. The session was moderated by Kuwaiti media professional Ahmed al-Fadhli. Dr. Al- Araimi focused on the Arab and international news agencies, their development and their adaptation to modern technical tools.

He touched on the differences between traditional media and modern media in terms of fast and reliable content, credibility and the importance of communication.

He also spoke about the Federation of Arab News Agencies (FANA) and its importance in supporting Arab joint action.

The session focused on the technology and its role in the future of the Arab media in particular and the world in general and its development it imposed on reality in terms of independence and the role of fixed goals in the media content.

Source: Oman News Agency