The Sultanate Hosts RMoU – PSC Meeting

The 15th Annual Meeting of the Riyadh MoU (RMoU) on Port State Control (PSC) was launched at the Ministry of Transport and Communications. The 3-day meeting was attended by representatives from the GCC maritime authorities, in addition to representatives of the GCC Secretariat General and a number of specialized organizations.

The meeting will discuss several themes related to the importance of inspecting vessels of all types and sizes which visit ports in the region to maintain maritime safety and protect the maritime environment through the development and application of procedures and circulars issued by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in this regard, in addition to discussing several other themes related to exchange information between the memorandum and other international parties.

The meeting will also discuss the report of the Director of the Secretariat on the activities and training programs carried out during the past year, in addition to the report of the Director of the Information Center on the statistics regarding the work of the ship inspectors in the Member States and the extent to which the targets and figures planned in this regard have been achieved.

It is worth mentioning that the Secretariat of the Riyadh MoU (RMoU) on Port State Control (PSC) is based in Muscat. The Sultanate, represented by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, chairs the Committee during the current period.

Source: Oman News Agency