The Sultanate Remembers Omani Immigrant Manuscripts

Muscat, The National Commission for Education, Culture and Science

(NCECS), in cooperation with Oman Memory Centre, organized a seminar on Omani

Immigrant manuscripts in the lecture hall of the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, on the

occasion of the Arab Manuscript Day, which falls on April 4th each year.

The seminar aimed at highlighting the Omani immigrant manuscripts, raising awareness of

the importance of manuscripts in cultural and intellectual life, understanding the reasons and

methods of transferring Omani manuscripts outside the boundaries of their original

homeland, as well as to discuss the views and proposals that serve the Omani Intellectual

and documentary heritage.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the seminar, Amna bint Salim al- Balushiya, NCECS

Assistant Secretary for the Education and Science sectors, who explained in a speech the

importance of the preservation of the memory of peoples and nations,

She also spoke about “Omani immigrant and manuscripts, which are located in different

parts of the world, and the important information they contain that serve the thought, history

and heritage of Oman.

At the beginning of the seminar, which was held under the patronage of Mohammed bin

Sulaiyem al- Yaqoubi, NCECS Secretary, the first issue of “Al Thakira (Memory)” Magazine,

a traditional quarterly magazine published by Oman Memory Centre, was launched. It also

includes many researches and articles on the heritage and culture of Oman, as well as

news materials about the cultural landscape of the Sultanate in the fields of intellectual


The seminar concluded with a presentation by Akkasa Productions for the backstage

scenes of the immigrant manuscript program.

Source: Oman News Agency