The Sultanate to Participate as Special Guest at Paris Book Fair

Muscat, The 39th Paris International Book Fair

will be held in Paris tomorrow (Thursday). The Sultanate will be a

Special Guest of the exhibition, which runs until 19 March 2019.

The Sultanate’s delegation is headed by Dr. Abdulmon’em bin

Mansour al-Hassani, Minister of Information and accompanied by

representatives of official and private institutions, as well as civil society

institutions, writers and literati taking part in the fair.

The Sultanate’s participation in this version of the fair is

accompanied by many cultural events that represent the Sultanate’s

cultural and civilizational aspects in international forums. The Royal

Oman Symphony Orchestra (ROSO) will also take part by performing

some Omani folklore musical pieces.

The fair will feature a wide variety of Omani publications

translated into French, as well as a special corner for screening

documentaries on the history and culture of the Sultanate and an

additional corner for the reception of senior visitors of officials,

intellectuals and publishers to inform them about Omani publications

and the cultural dimensions of the Omani civilization.

The cultural programme will start with the Sultanate’s

participation as a Special Guest in this fair on 15 March with a lecture

entitled “The Arabic and French Languages: Two Way Influence. The

lecture will be delivered by Hassan al-Ramadani from the College of

Tourism. A session will be also held on childhood and its nurturing in

Oman. The session will be moderated by Rolla al-Zain with the

participation of Dr. Amer al-Aysari from the Ministry of Education and

former Minister Pierre Jacques.

After that, a number of publications will be launched and

signed for a number of writers and poets. A lecture entitled “How

Cinema Serves Archeology: Excavation in the Sultanate: Protection and

Challenges will be given. This lecture will be given by Prof. Guillaume

Gernez of the Sorbonne University, and Blanche Gichou, Director of

the French Cinema Association, TV Producers and producer of Oman;

The Treasure

The cultural programme also includes a seminar on the role of

Nizwa Magazine in the cultural scene on the occasion of its 25th

anniversary. It will be moderated by Assem al-Shidi, with the

participation of Saif al-Rahbi, Huda Hamad, Dr. Issa Makhlouf and Dr.

Al Hawari Ghazali. The cultural events will conclude the first day with a

poetry evening. It will be moderated by Louisa Nadhoor. Hasan al-

Matroushi, Shumaisa al-Nu’maniya and Fatima Ihsan will take part in

the evening event.

On the second day, a seminar on Omani-French Relations:

Yesterday and Tomorrow will be held in which Sayyid Badr bin Hamad

al-Busaidi, Secretary-General of the Foreign Ministry will be present.

He will be joined by Herve de Charette, former Minister of Foreign

Affairs, and Jean-Marie Bockel, Chairman of Friendship Association

with the GGC Countries at the Senate, Renaud Salins, French

Ambassador to the Sultanate, the historian Xavier Beguin Billecocq,

and Mark Lavernier, researcher on Omani and Gulf Affairs, and

moderated by Hassan al-Ramdani.

The lecture will be followed by a lecture entitled “The Diversity

of Poetry and Literature in Oman and its Development” by Said al-

Saqlawi, Chairman of the Omani Society for Writers and Literati. Dr.

Aisha al-Darmakiya, Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the

Cultural Club, will give a lecture entitled “The Pillars of Culture and

Values of Knowledge in Oman”. The session will be moderated by Olga


This is followed by musical performance entitled Omani Tunes

Tour the World” by violinist Tahira Gamal and the pianist Zahraa al-

Lawatiyeh. The Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra (ROSO) will stage

various musical performances to conclude the second day.

On the third day, cultural events will begin with a lecture on

“Transformations in Short Documentary Filmmaking in the Sultanate”

by Director Mohammed bin Sulaiman al-Kindi, Chairman of Oman Film

Society, and a session entitled “Sultanate of Oman: Where Tourism

Meets Culture”. The session will be moderated by Valerie Sapurtas,

Head of Tourism Department at Le Figaro with the participation of

Ranya Khuder, Director of Oman Tourism Office in Paris, Roche

Jolieffe, General Manager of Oman Air Office in Paris, Michel Yves

Labi, one of the pioneers of tourism in the Sultanate, Anne de

Vandiere, a photographer, and Geraldine Garcon.

The event ends with a lecture entitled “Discovering History on

the Roads of Oman”. It will be moderated by Olga Anrianaova in which

Michel Barro Hetey, writer, Michel Hetey, photographer and Fabien

Herpan, novelist will take part.

On the fourth day, the cultural activities of the day will begin

with a lecture on “Omani Media and its Enlightenment Role” by Dr.

Mohammed bin Mubarak al-Araimi, Chairman of the Omani Journalists

Association (OJA). The session will be moderated by by Dr. Majid

Ne’ma. It will be followed by a lecture on the benefits of Omani

frankincense. The session will be moderated by Sterine Le Maguire.

Mohammed bin Abdullah al-Baroumi, researcher at Nizwa University

will give a lecture in the session. Ahmed bin Abdullah al-Busaidi,

Chairman of Photographic Society of Oman of the Sultan Qaboos

Higher Center for Culture and Science, will present a lecture themed

“Omani Photography through A Book: Achievement”. The session will

be moderated by photographer Pierre China Arcabo. The last day of

the exhibition will be concluded with a lecture about a documentary

entitled Oman Adventure has an Address in which Dr. Khalid Abdul

Malik and Jerome Lachkine, Assistant Director of Photography and

Production will take part.

Through this participation, the Sultanate aims to extend bridges

of communication and cooperation with many relevant institutions

concerned with publishing and translation in Europe, building

knowledge communication on the Sultanate’s civilization and culture,

as well as disseminating the culture of tolerance and peace as a

civilized value.

Source: Oman News Agency