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The World Bank and the Energy Authority praise Jerusalem Electricity

The World Bank and the Energy Authority praise Jerusalem Electricity

Jerusalem – Together – The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Jerusalem Governorate Electricity Company, Eng. Hisham Al-Omari, the Company’s General Manager, Engineer Muhammad Zidan, and the company’s technical and administrative directors, received a delegation from the Energy Authority and the World Bank, which included the Chairman of the Energy and Natural Resources Authority, Engineer Dhafer Melhem, and Mr. Othman Dione, Vice President of the World Bank Group. For the Middle East and North Africa region, Mr. Stefan Emblad, the Bank’s Country Director for the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Mr. Ashok Sarkar, Chief Energy Specialist, and a group of experts from the Energy Authority and the World Bank.

The visit aimed to inform the guests about the company’s efforts in distributing electrical energy within its concession areas and to learn about the latest technologies used by it in all areas of its work.

A team of the company’s experts provided a brief explanation of the systems that the company uses to
manage its operations at the administrative and technical levels, highlighting the strengths that resulted from the use of modern technology and investment in renewable energy as a basic means of sustainability.

The meeting touched on the positive effects that the company and its subscribers have gained from using the latest monitoring, control and protection systems for medium pressure networks, as well as the company’s endeavor to switch to smart meter systems, and its benefit from the project funded by the World Bank to obtain the latest global billing programmes, as well as the project directed to expand the use of smart meters. All of these technologies contribute to improving performance, ensuring maximum benefit from available resources, and enhancing work efficiency within the company.

The meeting included a presentation on the role of solar energy in increasing reliance on alternative, safe and environmentally friendly energy sources, its contribution to filling the electrical deficit from traditio
nal sources, as well as the impact of the presence of solar energy stations on improving the values ??of technical losses.

The Vice President of the World Bank Group for the Middle East and North Africa, Mr. Othman Dione, praised the Jerusalem Governorate Electricity Company and the efforts it is making to provide quality and distinguished services, saying: ‘What I saw today shows a realistic example that confirms the possibility of the existence of electricity companies that provide advanced, world-class services in Areas suffering from instability, conflicts, and political and military unrest.’

He added: ‘You work to advanced standards that put you at the level of technologically advanced international companies,’ while the head of the Energy Authority, Engineer Dhafer Melhem, praised the company’s overall performance and its continued pursuit of distinction.

Source: Maan News Agency