Thousands of Central American Immigrants Seek Asylum in Mexico

Mexico City, Thousands of Central American

immigrants in three caravans, originally planning to enter the United

States (US) registered for asylum in Mexico, Mexican authorities said.

According to the Mexican authorities, 3,330 asylum applications

have so far been submitted, and 2,697 applicants received temporary

papers allowing them to work, waiting for a specific plan from the

Mexican Commission for Refugees Assistance.

Three caravans of immigrants fled the violence last month from

Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador in the hope of reaching and

entering the US.

It is estimated that between 2000 and 4300 immigrants from

the first caravan left Honduras on 13 October and now living in a

stadium in Mexico City. A second caravan between 1500 to 2000

persons reached the state of Oaxaca. There is also a third group of

2000 Salvadoran are now in Hoekstra, about 250 km south of


The three caravans insist on crossing into the US despite pledges

by US President Donald Trump not to let them in.

Source: Oman News Agency