Three Snow Leopards with COVID-19 Die at US Children’s Zoo

Lincoln, Nebraska, Three snow leopards have died at the Lincoln Children’s Zoo in Nebraska in the United States of complications from COVID-19.

The zoo made the announcement in a Facebook post, describing the deaths of the three leopards — named Ranney, Everest, and Makalu— as “truly heartbreaking.”

The zoo began treating the leopards and two Sumatran tigers for the virus last month. The zoo said the tigers, Axl and Kumar, have made a recovery.

The zoo said it remains open to the public and continues to take precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to humans and animals.

Zoos across the US, including at the St. Louis Zoo and the Denver Zoo, have battled COVID-19 outbreaks among their animals, the Associated Press (AP) news reported.

Source: Oman News Agency