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To bypass Erdogan’s decision… Israel seeks to transfer goods from Trkiye through a third country

To bypass Erdogan’s decision… Israel seeks to transfer goods from Trkiye through a third country

Bethlehem Together – After Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s directives to stop trade between Turkey and Israel, products that Israeli importers ordered and paid for became stuck in warehouses in Turkey. One of the proposed solutions is to transport the products across European countries, provided that the Turks do not thwart the initiative, according to Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper.

Israeli importers are looking for solutions beyond Erdogan for their goods stuck in Turkey, in the absence of immediate and available solutions from the government.

The Israeli shipping company “iShip Forwarding” proposed a solution to bypass the ban, creating a new logistics route where Turkish products are first transported to third countries, and from there they are transported to Israel.

This solution allows Turkish manufacturers to continue supplying goods to Israel without violating the embargo and without them knowing that the products are coming to Israel.

The shipping company refused to specify the third country
through which the shipment passes, but the Israeli newspaper said, ‘Among other countries are Bulgaria and Romania. This passage imposes additional costs on the shipment, but it ensures the continued flow of goods.’

‘There are orders that have already been completed and ready with Turkish manufacturers, and there are also orders that have already been paid for and the goods are stuck in Turkey,’ Eitan Evan, CEO of iShip Forwarding, told Yedioth Ahronoth. ‘We want first and foremost to save these shipments.’

In addition to consumer goods, clothing and shoes, there are also large imports from Turkey of construction materials such as cement and steel as well as electrical products. According to data from the Israeli Bureau of Statistics, the value of imports of goods from Turkey to Israel last year amounted to $4.61 billion, and exports from Israel to Turkey amounted to $1.57 billion.

Source: Maan News Agency