Tourism Ministry to Organise Mobile Exhibition in Amsterdam

Muscat, The Ministry of Tourism will organise a

mobile exhibition in Amsterdam, Netherlands tomorrow (Thursday),

with participation of a number of tourism companies and hotels.

The two-day exhibition aims to highlight unique tourist elements

of the Sultanate and the facilities offered by government agencies in

the sector. This will provide an opportunity to meet with the tourism

companies of the Netherlands to acquaint them with the developments

and growth being witnessed by tourism in the Sultanate to open

broader avenues for the flow of tourists from around the world.

Salem bin Oday al-Ma’amari, Director General of Promotion in

the Ministry of Tourism, said that the ministry decided to organise

tourism events in Amsterdam as it is one of the important European

markets for tourism promotion. Statistics show that the number of

tourists who visited the Sultanate from the Netherlands reached

110,377 between 2012 and September end in 2018. This is an

indication that the flow of tourists from the Netherlands is increasing as

the number of tourists only during the past eight months was 13,667.

He added that all these developments affirmed that the Dutch

market was a promising market. It is a must that we should increase

tourism promotion in the country to attract more tourists in near future.

This is an effort in line with the plans to provide more vital tourism

facilities and making procedures easy.

Al Ma’amari said that the Ministry of Tourism, through these

events, seek to promote for tourism elements of the Sultanate, enter

these markets and establish direct relations with them and understand

their requirements and expectations. Such opportunities also give a

platform to introduce travel and tourism companies and media for

highlighting natural and cultural destinations, which are main features

of tourism in Oman. He said that there was a qualitative focus on the

promotion of tourism by introducing products, facilities and services of

tourism of the Sultanate.

Salem Al Ma’amari added that the Ministry of Tourism, by

participating in foreign events, introduces visa facilities and their easy

procedures. It also introduces Muscat International Airport as one of the

most modern airports in the region.

He said that the Ministry of Tourism organises activities in the

beginning of the winter season in the Sultanate, as this is one of the

best tourist seasons due to moderate weather during this time of the

year. In winter, tourists can enjoy travelling between various tourist


Al-Ma’amari further said that the participation of the private

sector in tourism activities organised by the ministry shows that there is

partnership between the public and private sector. The ministry seeks

to strengthen this partnership as recognition of the role of the private

sector in promotion of tourist establishments, offers, packages and

facilities. The ministry provides opportunities to tourism companies and

establishments to present their services directly in the markets and

enter into partnerships with their counterparts in various tourism


Source: Oman News Agency