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Transport Ministry To Go Ahead with Khasab Port Development Procedures

Transport Ministry To Go Ahead with Khasab Port Development Procedures

Muscat, The Ministry of Transport, Communications and

Information Technology has said that it is pressing ahead with plans

set for the development of the Port of Khasab.

The plans build on tenders launched earlier to manage, operate and

develop Khasab Port, including aspects related to supplying vessels

with fuel, operating piers, connecting the port with global terminals

and granting lands for investment in the logistics and light

industries’ fields, according to a statement issued by the Ministry


The statement indicated that, with a view to linking the Wilayat of

Khasab with the Wilayat of Daba and, to facilitate the movement of

citizens and residents within the Governorate of Musandam, the

Ministry announced a consultative tender to select a route for the

Daba-Lima-Khasab carriageway and to prepare tender documents for

project implementation.

In a bid to enhance the system of transport in the Governorate of

Musandam and, to facilitate the movement of members of the public, the

Ministry will allow individuals to operate their vehicles in private

transport services through the use of smart apps.

In the field of air transport, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) will

coordinate with the departments concerned to utilize Khasab Airport

for civil-cum-military services after the completion of a study to

develop the airport and enrich tourism and economic activities in the


The CAA has endorsed regulatory terms and conditions for water

aerodromes, inviting bids by interested investors to establish an

amphibious aircraft company to operate in different sites in the

Sultanate, among them Khasab and Daba in Musandam Governorate.

Source: Oman News Agency