Tropical Cyclone Shaheen Epicenter 120 km from Land Crossing Point

Muscat, Tropical Cyclone /Shaheen/ epicenter is 120 km away from the landfall point. Rotating in a diameter of 11 km to 14 km, it is expected to cross over this evening, between 6 pm to 9 pm.

Mohammed Ali Al Mshaikhi, Meteo Specialist at the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), told Oman News Agency (ONA) that moderate to heavy rains will continue to fall in the Governorate of Muscat while very heavy torrential rains will drench the governorates of South and North Al Batinah. Very strong, gusty winds will accompany the landfall over the next few hours.

Al Mshaikhi pointed out that, once the tropical cyclone makes its landfall, it might be downgraded into a tropical storm.

He added that CAA monitoring stations relay wind speed readings of 55 km/h and gusts at a rate of 75 km/h.

Source: Oman News Agency