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Two killed, several injured in separate crimes inside the 48 territories

Two killed, several injured in separate crimes inside the 48 territories

A man in his forties was killed in Lod, and a woman (42 years old) was killed in Jatt al-Muthallath, tonight, while a number of people were injured, including a girl (15 years old) in separate shootings committed in Umm al-Fahm, Haifa and Jdeidet al-Makr inside the 1948 territories.

In Lod, it was reported that the victim arrived at the hospital in critical condition after being shot, and there the medical staff declared him dead after attempts to save his life failed.

In Jatt, a woman was killed after being shot.

A medical team was called to the scene and provided resuscitation to the victim, but she was declared dead after attempts to save her life failed.

In Haifa, a medical team provided first aid to the injured woman, who had suffered a penetrating injury.

“The injured girl was conscious after being subjected to a violent incident. We provided her with initial treatment and her condition was described as critical,” said Mudmad. The girl was quickly transferred to the hospital.

In Umm al-Fahm, two
people were injured, with moderate and minor injuries, as a result of a shooting in the city.

The two injured people were transferred to the hospital after receiving initial treatment.

Video documentation showed an Israeli police officer firing live bullets into the air at the crime scene to disperse citizens who had gathered following the crime.

In Jdeideh Makr, two people were moderately injured as a result of a shooting.

A medical team provided first aid to the injured, and they were then referred to the hospital.

The number of victims of murder crimes within the Palestinian community in the 1948 territories rose to 109, including three citizens from the West Bank who were killed in Taybeh, Rahat and Umm al-Fahm, 5 women and 5 children.

Shooting and murder crimes have become a routine occurrence that is committed almost daily during the past years in Palestinian society within the 1948 territories, which finds itself abandoned to its fate, in light of the Israeli police’s inaction and collusion with
criminal organizations

Source: Maan News Agency