UCL in Qatar Delegation Visits NRAA

The National Records and Archives Authority (NRAA) received a delegation from the State of Qatar, represented by the University College London (UCL) in Qatar, headed by Dr. Melina Doprova and a number of students.

The visit comes within the framework of strengthening cooperation and exchange of experiences between the two sides in the field of culture and scientific research, to get acquainted with the march and experience of NRAA in the field of preservation and management of documents and archives, and the survey of future projects and the techniques used by NRAA.

The Qatari delegation was briefed on NRAA, its organizational structure, its functions and responsibilities, as well as its role in preserving the national memory that the Sultanate is proud of over the various periods of time and its role in building modern systems for managing documents and archives according to the latest international standards, in addition to highlighting cultural and historical aspects of the Sultanate.

The delegation toured the permanent exhibition of national documents and archives, through which they learn about the historical facilities and the cultural heritage of the Sultanate.

The Qatari delegation visited NRAA document safe destruction laboratory and was familiarized with the mechanism of work in the laboratory in terms of providing all solutions and services of safe destruction of paper documents and electronic containers and equivalents to all government agencies, companies, private institutions and individuals in accordance with the followed legal and administrative procedures by using the latest technology in the field of safe destruction operations.

Source: Oman News Agency