UK Closer to Delivering Brexit

London, The United Kingdom (UK) is

“significantly closer” to delivering on the result of the Brexit vote,

Theresa May, UK Prime Minister has told MPs.

The prime minister was speaking before a crunch cabinet

meeting where she is seeking her senior ministers’ backing for the UK

and EU’s draft agreement.

She told the Commons it would give the UK control of borders,

laws and money – and also protect business and jobs.

But Jeremy Corbyn said the UK would be stuck in an “indefinite

half-way house without any real say” over the rules.

The draft withdrawal agreement addresses the Northern Ireland

“backstop”, which aims to guarantee that physical checks will not be

reintroduced at the border with the Irish Republic, in the event of the

EU and UK failing to agree a deal on future trading relations that

involves not having a physical border.

The agreement also includes commitments over citizens’ rights

after Brexit, a proposed 21-month transition period after the UK’s

departure on 29 March 2019 and details of the so-called Pound 39bn

“divorce bill”.

The future relationship statement is expected to be far shorter,

with the UK and the EU’s long-term trade arrangements yet to be


If the cabinet signs it off, the EU Commission is expected later

to publish the details of the 500-page draft withdrawal agreement, as

well as the much shorter declaration on future economic and security

relations, the BBC reported.

Source: Oman News Agency