UN official: Gaza is maelstrom of human misery

With their homes shattered and lives upended by war, civilians in Gaza are clinging to their dignity under the most inhumane conditions, the UN Senior Humanitarian and Reconstruction Coordinator Sigrid Kaag said on Tuesday.

“The war has not merely created a humanitarian crisis, it has unleashed a maelstrom of human misery,” she said in briefing to the UN Security Council.

The UN coordinator pointed out that public services have collapsed and over 1.9 million have now been displaced, she told ambassadors at the Security Council, underscoring the critical need for a full, immediate and complete ceasefire, release of all hostages and unhindered aid across the enclave.

Kaag emphasized that while humanitarian assistance will be required for years to come, planning and preparing for early recovery and reconstruction is equally important.

She urged the UN Security Council members to consider immediate actions that complement and support the humanitarian response.

“We cannot ask Palestinian civilians to put thei
r future on hold while they cling to their human dignity under inhumane conditions,” she said.

The Senior Coordinator also highlighted that the Palestinian Authority (PA) has a critical role in Gaza, integral to the enclave’s recovery and reconstruction, and urged the international community to ensure the PA’s financial stability and support its reform, governance, and other capacities necessary to reassume its responsibilities.

Source: Kuwait News Agency