UN official reiterates support for all initiatives to end war in Sudan

The United Nations affirmed on Saturday its full support for all initiatives aimed at ending the fighting in Sudan and its commitment to continue supporting efforts to reach peace between the warring sides.

This came in a speech by the United Nations representative and senior advisor for Sudan, Nayla Hajjar, on behalf of the Personal Envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations to Sudan, Ramtane Lamamra, at the Sudanese political forces’ conference in Cairo under the title “Together to Stop the War in Sudan,” in the presence of representatives of those forces, the United Nations, the African Union, and the League, Arab countries, the European Union and a number of active countries.

Hajjar said, “the United Nations is always ready, in coordination with international partners, to support all efforts aimed at stopping the Sudanese war and building a safe and stable state. We count on the efforts of the Sudanese civil forces and their unity to overcome the difficulties and look forward to building a fut
ure that protects the Sudanese people.” She stressed the importance of ending all forms of hostility from all Sudanese forces and encouraging the necessary arrangements to protect civilians and deliver humanitarian aid to those affected.

She noted that the comprehensive Sudanese political dialogue will be the distinctive and influential factor in the peace-making process in all parts of Sudanese society.

She added that the UN welcomes the efforts aimed at establishing a comprehensive Sudanese-Sudanese dialogue, noting that today’s meeting is conclusive evidence of that.

On his part, Sudanese journalist Al-Shafi Khedr said in his speech to the conference that stopping the ongoing fight in Sudan will not be achieved only with the strong will and correct vision of all the conflict sides and their conviction that stopping the war and rebuilding requires expanding the principle of acceptance and participation so that everyone can do so, except those who have committed a crime, those should stand before justice.

Kheder said that the two warring parties alone cannot stop and end the devastating war, stressing that the greatest responsibility to end it relies on the Sudanese civil forces because they are the ones entrusted with designing and leading the political process.

Source: Kuwait News Agency