US, Iraq discuss tensions in the region, disbanding GCAD

Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammad Al-Sudani and US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Middle East Daniel Shapiro discussed on Monday tensions in the region and brought forth proceedings to dissolve the Global Coalition Against Daesh.

The Iraqi Prime Minister’s office released a statement saying that the two officials discussed the situation in the region including the war in Gaza to which Al-Sudani emphasized the suffering of the Palestinians and the prevention of humanitarian aid into the Gaza strip.

Al-Sudani also criticized the international community for not holding the Israeli occupation responsible or pressuring Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to stop his countless atrocious war crimes which could potentially lead to a wider regional and more serious conflict.

The statement also mentioned that Al-Sudani and Shapiro discussed proceedings for moving forward with ending and disbanding the Global Coalition Against Daesh and enhancing bilateral relations between the Iraq and the US.

On his p
art, Shapiro acknowledged Iraq’s role in de-escalating the tension in the region, calling for continued cooperation between the two nations in the areas of armament and security, and enhancing the combat capabilities of the Iraqi forces to support Iraq’s security and sovereignty.

Source: Kuwait News Agency