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US strongly affirms importance of UNAMI in Iraq

US strongly affirms importance of UNAMI in Iraq

WASHINGTON, The US on Tuesday stressed on the important role of The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI), a mandate that was established back in 2003 under UN resolution 1500 by a request by Iraqi Government.

In a press briefing, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Arabian Peninsula Affairs Daniel Benaim said, “The U.S. has strongly supported the mission’s work in providing not just electoral assistance but facilitating regional dialogue, ensuring appropriate delivery of humanitarian assistance, and supporting the voluntary returns of displaced Iraqis.” “But it has also served as a mechanism to advance progress on the return of Kuwaiti property and the national archives and the repatriation or return of all Kuwaiti and third-country nationals, Benaim added.

The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) is a special political mission established in 2003 by UN Security Council Resolution 1500, at the request of the Government of Iraq. The Mission has been operational ever since,
and its role was greatly expanded in 2007 with the adoption of Resolution 1770.

UNAMI’s mandate is to prioritize the provision of advice, support, and assistance to the Government and people of Iraq on advancing inclusive, political dialogue and national and community-level reconciliation, assisting in the electoral process, facilitating regional dialogue between Iraq and its neighbors, and promoting the protection of human rights and judicial and legal reforms.

UNAMI, is headed by the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General (SRSG) for Iraq, who is supported by two deputies. One Deputy SRSG oversees Political Affairs and Electoral Assistance, while a second Deputy SRSG oversees UN humanitarian and development efforts and also performs the functions of Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in Iraq.

Source: Kuwait News Agency