Water Authority: The coming days will witness an improvement in the supply quantities after the pumping resumes

Ramallah-Ma’an- The head of the Water Authority, Eng. Mazen Ghoneim, stressed the need to work according to appropriate options that contribute to reducing the water crisis witnessed by the Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate, which is caused by the fluctuation in the quantities of water supplied by the Israeli Mekorot Company, which negatively affects the water pumping process.

This came during his inspection of the Jerusalem Water Authority and his review of the progress of work in light of the current crisis.

Minister Ghoneim confirmed that as a result of the strenuous follow-ups and interventions during the past week, the quantities of water supplied since Thursday have been pumped back, explaining in this regard that there are no guarantees that the reduction will not return again, which requires continued follow-up in this regard.

Eng. Ghoneim issued his directives to develop plans capable of responding urgently to any emergency that may occur, stressing the government’s follow-up of the water crisis a
nd its keenness to provide possible support.

In this context, he noted the Water Authority’s continued support for the utility with all available capabilities and at all levels to reduce the effects of this crisis on citizens.

He also stressed the need for comprehensive monitoring of distribution points to ensure justice and access to water for various communities within the concession area, especially communities located at the end of the line and high-altitude areas, which are usually the least fortunate to receive water.

He stressed the importance of responding quickly to any emergency technical problem or malfunction to ensure the continuity of water pumping, in addition to the importance of notifying citizens of any change in the pumping process to avoid fears that may result in the spread of rumours and misleading citizens.

The meeting concluded by stressing the importance of continuing coordination with the Water Authority crews and taking strict measures against any party that attempts to tamper w
ith the water valves and influence the distribution program, in addition to forming a joint committee from the Water Authority and the Authority to monitor the valves and ensure that they are not tampered with, while appreciating the great efforts made by the Authority crews in light of these difficult circumstances.

Source: Maan News Agency