WhatsApp will Add New “Imagine Me” Feature

Meta is developing a new “Imagine Me” feature in WhatsApp that will create AI generated photos of users, which can be either shared with others or set as profile pictures.

Users will need to provide setup photos that will be analysed to ensure the generated images accurately reflect their appearance. Importantly, users will retain full control over this feature and can delete their setup photos at any time through the Meta AI settings.

After taking the setup pictures, users can request Meta AI to generate an AI image of themselves by typing “Imagine me” in the Meta AI conversation. Additionally, users can use this feature in other chats by typing “@Meta AI imagine me.” It is important to note that Meta AI cannot read other messages, as the command is processed separately. The resulting image will automatically be shared in the conversation by the app, ensuring that user privacy is always maintained.

A feature to allow users to generate images of themselves using Meta AI is under development and it will be
available in a future update.

Source: Oman News Agency