“When They Hurt You” a Book to Help Children Against Violence

Paris, The French Traumatic Memory and Victimology Association or “Mémoire Traumatique et Victimologie” has published an online book called “When They Hurt You” or “Quand On Te Fait Du Mal”, with pictures by French youth literature author Claude Ponti.

This book, which is available to readers for free, seeks to enable children who are victims of violence to protect themselves.

The association recalled the difficulties children encounter in reporting forms of violence or threats to which they are exposed, whether physical or moral. This is why psychologist, Muriel Salmona, and Sokhna Fal, developed this book to help children identify what they suffer and to understand the causes.

In an easy to grasp language, Ponti artfully explains how to uncover and heal hidden wounds from violence.

Source: Oman News Agency