White House: Biden not planning to quit presidential race

The White Houses affirmed Wednesday that President Joe Biden is not planning to drop out of the presidential race after his performance in last week debate with Republican candidate and former president Donald Trump.

“No. No. Absolutely not,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre replied to a question from a reporter about if President Biden is planning to suspend his election campaign or leave the race.

“What I can say is the president is moving forward. He’s moving forward as being president. He’s moving forward with his campaign, as his campaign has been very, very clear about that.” She added that the president’s focus is how he continues to do that work.

“And anything else that we’re hearing or that’s being reported is absolutely false”, she stressed.

When asked if the president could change his mind in the future, she said the president has been very clear and he’s going to continue to build on the unprecedented record that he’s been able to lay out for the American people. That’s his focus
right now.

Source: Kuwait News Agency