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Who is the hero? Jetour X70 PLUS gave the answer at the Shanghai Auto Show

Who is the hero? Jetour X70 PLUS gave the answer at the Shanghai Auto Show

SHANGHAI, April 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Although the Jetour X70 Plus, from Chery Commercial Vehicle, is one word “Plus” more than the Jetour X70, it is really almost a totally new car, with a new set of body panels and a far more high-end look.

With an impressive grille, large wheels (2745mm ultra-long wheelbase), 4749/1900/1720mm oversize body, 5/6/7 seats available, LED headlights and four vertically aligned LED daytime running lights, a through-type taillight design constitutes great X70 PLUS appearance. It is sporty yet luxurious.

With a 10.25-inch full LCD smart dual screen, a touch panel for air conditioning control,1.5 turbo with 156 hp and 230 Nm (6MT/6DCT) or a 1.6 turbo with 197 hp and 290 Nm (7DCT) forges a powerful heart.

X70 Plus will allow more people to experience a more comfortable and free journey.

Jetour is still holding the event “Who is your hero?” on Jetour official Facebook page. Fans can share their story with Jetour and lots of Jetour fans. Also lots of new Shanghai Auto show information and Jetour live show will be released on Jetour Facebook page. Jetour will invite different countries’ social media influencers and super national managers to bring an amazing series of Jetour live shows.

The brand Jetour focuses on travel +, and is committed to providing more families around the world with more reasonable automobile solutions by offering products with attractive appearance, large space, multi-functions and intelligence. Who is the hero? Jetour X70 Plus gave fans the answer at the Shanghai Auto Show.