WIOP Director General Hails the Sultanate Efforts

Francis Gurry, Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) today held a press conference at Inter-Continental Hotel Muscat during which he hailed the Sultanate government’s steady efforts in the field of intellectual property protection and encouraging international cooperation in its related fields.

He also commended the subsidy provided by the Sultanate represented by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to raise awareness of this field. He noted that the Sultanate participated in international protection applications and in developing WIPO’s plans and programs related to taking measures to develop new effective guidelines for intellectual property.

The Director General of WIPO also pointed out that the Sultanate’s national innovation strategy will enhance innovation in economy and competitiveness. ” WIPO in cooperation with Sultan Qaboos University (SQU), will organize a summer program on intellectual property to enhance awareness in this field’, he furthered.

‘The global trend now focuses on international markets, especially there many technologies that cover IP. WIPO’s work is guided by 26 international conventions that provide the frameworks and bases for intellectual property to help states protect the rights system, he continued.

WIPO has 292 members including the Sultanate represented by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the agency in charge of protecting intellectual property. The patency in the world grows by 10%, he concluded.

Source: Oman News Agency