A woman died in northern Indian state of Haryana after her hair got stuck in a go-kart wheel at an amusement park, police said Thursday.

The hair of the woman, identified as 28-year-old Puneet Kaur’s, got tangled in the wheel, ripping off her scalp.

“The victim, her husband, their two-year-old son and a few other relatives were on a holiday and had decided to stop at amusement park in Pinjore Gardens on their way back home Wednesday ,” a police official said.

“At the park, the family had booked four go-karts for six members. Kaur was with her husband in one kart and during the ride her hair loosened from her bun and got stuck in a rear wheel of the go-kart moving at a high speed, ripping off her scalp from her head.”

Local media reports said Kaur was wearing a helmet at the time of accident.

Kaur’s husband told media he was taken aback on hearing sudden screams from her wife.

Following the incident Kaur was taken in a critical condition to a nearby hospital, where doctors declared her brought dead.

Police officials have taken cognizance of the incident and would soon initiate an investigation.

The park officials said they ensure that people take proper precautions while boarding the cart.

Source: NAM News Network