World Largest Plane Makes First Flight over California

Los Angeles, The world’s largest aircraft in terms

of distance between the wings succeeded in finishing its first flight, the

manufacturer announced.

According to DPA, the double-body aircraft built by

Stratolaunch Systems Corp, started by late Microsoft co-founder Paul

Allen, with a distance between the ends of the wings is 117 meters,

more than the length of a US football field, stayed aloft for more than

two hours before landing safely back at the Mojave Air and Space Port

in California.

“What a wonderful first flight, today’s journey enhances our mission to

provide a flexible alternative to ground-based systems,” said

Stratolaunch CEO Jean Floyd in a statement.

He added Today’s flight furthers our mission to provide a

flexible alternative to ground launched systems. Saturday’s flight,

which saw the plane was meant to test its performance and handling

qualities, according to Stratolaunch.

The plane took off on Saturday from Mojave Air and Space

Port, about 150 kilometers north Los Angeles in California, reached a

maximum speed of 189 miles per hour and altitudes of 17,000 feet, and

carried out many maneuvers including landing simulation.

Source: Oman News Agency