Yemeni official: Yemen presidential council keen on peace, ending war

The Yemeni Presidential Leadership Council (YPLC), government and the coalition supporting legitimacy in Yemen are keen to establish the pillars of peace that ensure freedom, and justice to Yemenis and end war, Othman Mujalli, YPLC member, said Tuesday.

This came during a meeting held between Mujalli and US Ambassador to Yemen Steven Fagin, Yemen’s news agency (Saba) reported.

The two sides discussed bilateral ties between the two countries and the US efforts aiming to restore peace in Yemen, the agency said.

“Houthi leader deals with peace as an opportunity to rearrange his military situations,” Mujalli said.

“We do show great flexibility in dealing with peace issues for the interests of our people, but we do categorically reject any proposals aiming to put the Yemenis fate in hands of the Houthi opponent who has never stopped to target the civilians and military personnel,” he stated.

He blamed the Houthis for the Yemeni peoples’ economic hardships and humanitarian suffering, according to the agency.

“They are [Houthis] the absolute and real threat to Yemen’s unity, republican regime, constitutional institutions and its territorial integrity,” he stressed.

He lauded UAE and Saudi Arabia’s efforts made to back humanitarian and economic path in Yemen.

Source: Kuwait News Agency