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Zakarneh: Voting on Palestine’s membership in the United Nations is a battle that America lost before Israel

Zakarneh: Voting on Palestine’s membership in the United Nations is a battle that America lost before Israel

Ramallah – Together – Bassam Zakarneh, a member of the Revolutionary Council of the Fatah movement, said that the world’s vote on Palestine’s membership in the United Nations was a battle between truth and falsehood, and the clash was direct with the head of evil in the world, America, before it was with the Israeli occupiers. Palestine won the battle, and it was proven that the world agreed on The right of the Palestinian people to self-determination, to obtain their independent state, and to end the occupation, as 143 countries out of 193 countries voted in favor of the right to permanent membership of Palestine in the United Nations, and friendly countries were absent due to non-payment of fees, and only nine countries voted against it, including Israel and America, and some of these countries have a large population. Less than a city in Palestine, and America’s oppressive veto weapon will not prevent Palestine from obtaining its legitimate, legal and inevitable right.

This came in a meeting that included
many unions and federations on activating the role of unions in the international popular movement in support of Palestinian rights and against genocide in the Gaza Strip.

Zakarneh said that despite the distinguished results and the solidity of the international position, and with our awareness of the extent of the threats, blackmail, and pressures exerted by America, we deplore the submission of important countries to American and Israeli blackmail, as there are strange paradoxes in the positions of many countries that cast doubt on their credibility and even on the independence of their sovereign decision, which appeared from During voting.

Zakarneh confirmed that the countries that voted against Palestinian rights operate under the American threat and are farms for the Americans and Israel, and their leaders are chosen at the CIA headquarters. Most of them are small and isolated islands with no role except to implement American instructions, such as Micronesia, Papal New Guinea, Nauru, and Palau.

eh added that some prominent countries voted in favor of Palestine despite not recognizing the State of Palestine as it was built on democratic systems. Here we wonder about the incomprehensible contradiction: why do these countries vote in favor of Palestine’s membership and do not declare their recognition of it?

Zakarneh said, ‘I am not surprised by the position of Ukraine, the puppet of the Americans, which calls on the world and demands to attack Russia by claiming its occupation, and stands with the historical occupation of Palestine and supports Israel!!!! It is as if their people have the right to independence, freedom, and a state, and others do not. This is the position of North Macedonia, which fought for independence from Serbia, abstaining from voting for the independence of Palestine.

He added that it is strange to see Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Sweden recognizing the State of Palestine and exchanging ambassadors, but they abstained from voting, meaning they recognize the state and deny it
s right to membership in the United Nations, so why these contradictory positions?!

Zakarneh stated that some countries that take a neutral position, such as Switzerland, which remained a non-member of the United Nations for a long time due to ‘neutrality,’ abstain from voting, and if the position is neutral and this is their right, then what is the need that makes them request membership for the intervention of a member of the United Nations?

Zakarna said that what was strange about this event was the position of Albania, which abstained from voting and is a member of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

Zakarneh appreciated the position of the countries that supported the Palestinian right, and in return he said, ‘We support the independence of those countries that claim to be independent, democratic, and balanced, and to emerge from complete subordination and not remain hostage to the American position.’ Is a country that claims to respect international and humanitarian law participating in the kill
ing of Palestinians? In Gaza, it provides Israel with money, weapons, and political support, as Germany did. Do Germany and Europe believe that it is erasing its history and its Nazi shame in burning, slaughtering, and expelling the Jews? That it is washing it with the blood of innocent children of Palestine?

Zakarna accused the United States of America, Britain, Germany and other European countries of direct participation in supporting the continuation of the occupation and the slaughter and burning of Palestinians since the beginning of the Israeli occupation of Palestine. They are now openly participating in the war crimes and genocide that Israel is carrying out in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. And all statements claiming humanity are selling illusions to their people who revolted against their policy and electoral statements for local and international consumption, checks without funds, and words that contradict action, stressing that this year will be the year of statehood and the year of freedom a
nd independence for the Palestinian people, reinforced by what is happening in the American streets. And the Europeans are witnessing a massive and complete popular revolt against the position of their governments, their crimes, and their double standards, and most of their leaders are appointed by the deep state in America, which is led by global Zionism.

Source: Maan News Agency