Zidane Dominates Press Front Pages

Madrid, Following confirmation that Zinedine

Zidane has returned to Real Madrid as coach, signing a contract until

2022, the Frenchman faced the press.

Surrounded by club legends and former teammates, including

Raul and Roberto Carlos, he was joined by the board of directors and

his wife Veronique.

“It’s a new project, an exciting new era with one of our great symbols

leading, Zinedine Zidane,” club president Florentino Perez began.

“The best coach in the world is here, thank you Zizou for your loyalty

and forming part of this legendary club.”

The newly appointed coach then had his turn, revealing his

emotions on a day which few expected to come so soon.

“I know it’s a special day, for everyone, I’m very happy, which is the

most important thing, as the president said, I’m very happy to return

home,” Zidane explained.

“There’s nothing to say, I’m very happy to return and I want to work and

put the club where it deserves to be, for now I’m focused on training


Zidane has not been far away from the Estadio Santiago

Bernabeu even though he left last summer.

“I didn’t go very far, because I still live here, but I’m happy to work for

this club and this squad, above all,” he added.

However, there were also inevitable questions about what had

changed in the past months.

“I left the club because I needed it, not the time for the club, but the

squad needed it after winning it all,” he said.

“This club is what it has and it had to change.

“I’ve come back because the president called me and as I love the

president and the club, I’m here.

“After eight months, I want to coach again, I took this decision for the

good of everyone, we had to make a change.”

He admitted that it was a big responsibility to take up the role

though hinting that he did take some convincing.

“It’s a big responsibility, when I look at the players I see people who

love this club and I’m another one,” he confessed.

“I like football, I played with this badge and this shirt, but I’m just

another one.

“Now what I want to do, I don’t forget what we won but also what we

did badly, or last year, we lost the league and the cup but won the

Champions League.

“Life is like that, good things and bad.”

Facing the future, it looks like Zidane could plan to make


“It’s a great challenge, not because it’s the second time, but that too,”

he admitted.

“I don’t think about the past, if I did I wouldn’t have returned.

“It goes beyond returning to the club, I want to take the reigns on this

second project, I want to coach again.

“I’m not thinking about signings, I’m thinking it’s an important day and

I’m happy to return.

“I’m only thinking about the 11 games left.

“There will be time to look at the rest with the relevant people, what’s

clear is that we will plan for next season.”

One key absence, who some say is yet to be replaced, is the

exit of Cristiano Ronaldo.

“It’s not the topic, the topic is that there are 11 games left, you know

what Cristiano is, the history of this club, which no-one will change, he

was the best, but he’s not the topic,” he insisted.

Still, the coach was adamant that he had returned at the perfect

time despite having been approached by other clubs.

“I had a number of offers, but I didn’t want to go to other clubs, we

have to finish this season well and prepare well for the next one,” he


Zidane admitted to having rested well over his break and is now

raring to go with the same team of coaches after receiving the call.

“The president called me, I can’t say no to him, after what happened,

he knows, what happens to players, coaches, what happens inside

when you lose form, this year it’s happened to us,” he analysed.

“I was a coach and it happened to me.

“I want to be with them, I have seen this season, the players are the

first who know it’s a difficult season, but you can’t always do things

well and always win.”

Regarding the situations of some specific players, such as Isco,

Marcelo and Gareth Bale, Zidane would not be drawn.

“I won’t get involved with what happened with one or the other,” he

responded. “I want to get back with them, work and do things well on


Zidane’s new era will begin against Celta Vigo next Saturday, the

Spanish MARCA newspaper reported.

Source: Oman News Agency