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The Palestinian community in Greece commemorates the Nakba

The Palestinian community in Greece commemorates the Nakba

Jerusalem – Together – The Palestinian community organized a large march to commemorate the 76th Nakba with the support of Arab popular organizations. Greek leftist and progressive forces, members of the Palestinian community, and Arab and Islamic communities participated in it, in which Palestinian flags and banners in support of the struggle and rights of the Palestinian people were raised.

The demonstrators chanted slogans of freedom for Palestine denouncing the occupying state. The demonstrators demanded that the Greek government not support the occupation and recognize the independent Palestinian state.

There was a large media presence to cover this occasion.

Muhammad Al-Sayyid, head of the Palestinian community, told the media that the occupation is what caused the Nakba, which has continued since 1948 to this day. Western support for the occupying state is the reason for the persistence of the occupation.

He added that we have a responsibility to teach the word ‘Nakba’ and its meaning from generati
on to generation until the occupation ends.

Muhammad Abu Asba also gave a speech to the solidarity activists, thanking them for their support and asking them to continue to put pressure on the Greek government to reconsider its relationship with the occupying state.

Source: Maan News Agency